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"Liben 立本" , these 2 words are from The Analects of Confucius.

It means that the foundation and law of everything are the gateways to success.



To be a respectable world first class enterprise.



Make people more healthy and happy.


  • Integrity: Insist on promises to customers, group and shareholders.

  • Customer First: Always customer oriented, creat values for customer.

  • Teamwork: Share and bear together, cherish each other, affect team positively.

  • Dedicated: Professional, dedication, excellence.

  • Undertake: Refuse any excuses, responsible for results.

  • Passion: High spirit and full of energy.

  • Learning: Cultivate the ability of achieving goals, constantly improve and self transcendence.

  • Innovation: Everything is changing, innovation creat the future.

  • Share: The more we share, the more we develop.

  • Gratitude: little help brings much return.

Happy Work, Enjoy Life!

The staffs in Liben all feel company is home and colleagues are their family members.

We have lots of activities, such as product international standard training by TUV Rheiland, parties and gifts in different Chinese festival, company trips, basketball matches, sales competitions, etc.