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Trampoline Park

Liben is the earliest few companies in the trampoline industry in China.

After 10+ years development, we have been the leading company to draft industry standard and keep upgrading products and service.

We support customized design based on your floor plan, location and player age. Family entertainment center is the most popular type.

Indoor Playground

Indoor playground, also named indoor maze, is the classic indoor play include play structure with slide, ball pool, stair, tunnel, etc.

We support customized theme, such as jungle, ocean and so on. Now it is trend to have more customized shape decoration.

Other Attractions

To open indoor amusement park, freestanding play also very important and easier to be the hot attractions.

For example, climbing wall, ninja course, ropes course, sky rider, donut slide, falling tower, inflatable play.

Spare Parts and Ancillary Products

We do not only sell complete set products, also have spare parts and ancillary products.

Spare parts, no matter open new park or already have park, it is necessary to buy in stock to change in time and save lost for closed.

Ancillary products, it is part of our one-stop solution service. You don't need to find and spend time to negotiate with different suppliers.