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Bad weather gives new trampoline centre a bounce in visitor numbers

Date:2015-07-29 09:52:58 Visit:2683

High Altitude, on Whiffler Road, opened to the public on Saturday, and the unseasonably bad weather worked in its favour.Director Fran Habbitts said: “It has been fantastic beyond our expectations.“We’ve had a great turnout this weekend, everybody who came through the doors has been really excited and come off the trampolines smiling.“It’s all been really positive and we had people come on Saturday who came back on Sunday – the weather definitely helped us.The new High Altitude trampolining centre opens in Whiffler Road, Norwich. Reporter Polly Grice flying high. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.“The transformation of this site in four-and-a-half months, it’s been incredibly hard work and it still is, but the transition is overwhelming.”The park also impressed 13-year-old gymnast Chelsey Hale, from Costessey, who said: “It’s different, definitely!“It’s a lot more laid back, you can just do what you want.”Brett Gibson, 17, from Eaton?trains with Chelsey at Chermond School of Gymnastics in Delta Close, Norwich and said the park was “awesome”.“I’ve never experienced anything like it before,” he added. “You can do more than you can on a normal trampoline, like jumping off a side trampoline. I’ve never done that before.”What do you think? Write to Norwich Evening News letters, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1RE or email, giving your full name, address and contact details.
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