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Liben New Indoor Trampoline Park Project In Guangzhou China

Date:2016-07-06 10:00:53 Visit:3773

Liben built a new indoor trampoline park project in Guangzhou China on 15th June, 2016.This is a small kids trampoline park which include 4 professional trampoline with trampoline wall runner , 1 airbag, 3 basketball hoops, one long slope trampoline and 2 dodgeball trampoline, also a big area for free jumping area with many pick soft obstacles.

Indoor trampoline park design

The client from Guangzhou came to visit Liben before they sign the contract with us.During they come to visit us, the clients are quite satisfied with the quality of Liben indoor trampoline park.They discussed with the designer about the 3D design and come out a nice solution.Below are some real pictures of the real project.

Liben trampoline park real pictures

Trampoline park is now growing segments in the attractions industry. In the past year, the popularity of trampoline for kids has drastically increased and new facilities are opening weekly.More and more cities build Trampoline park

trampoline park airbag

This trampoline park include an airbag which is made of a big airbag and inside is foam blocks. People who would like to add the airbag in the trampoline park can consider this structure which is better quality.

Indoor trampoline free jumping area

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