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Liben New Trampoline Parks will Come to England Soon

Date:2016-10-23 04:36:12 Visit:3097

Recently, Liben manufacturered two trampoline parks for customers from England, one is from Sheffield and other one is from Bradford.Below indoor trampoline design is the one in Sheffield, it is about 513sqm and the games in the trampoline park is one professional trampoline with two trampoline wall runner. One cageball and two basketball hoops, one is for kids and other one is for adults. One airbag with orange color and a dogeball area and two free jumping area.

Indoor trampoline Park in England Design Drawing

Below is the logo of the trampoline park in Sheffield.

Indoor trampoline park logo

The second one is the design for trampoline park Bradford. The name of this park is Jumparooz Trampoline Park. The free jumping area is about 280sqm which include 3 yellow soft obstacles and a pyramid, a dodgeball and Ninja course area. One airbag and one foam pit with a climbing wall.

Trampoline park in Bradford

Here comes the logo of Jumparooz Trampoline Park.

Jumparooz Trampoline Park LOGO

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