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Quotation And After-sale Service

Date:2016-05-17 11:25:22 Visit:2601

1. Because it’s indoor playground equipment, each client’s site and shape is different, we’ll redesign it for free according to our clients’ ground size or CAD drawing.

2. In the market, some indoor playground equipment factory calculate its price according to square meters, but they are fixed collocation and design, they are short of feature and novel. We are do designs according our clients’ site and demands, each design program is different from each other. The price is calculated according to the playground equipment included in the design program, so won’t have the exact price till the design finished. In addition, we can also do designs according to your budget.

3. The price for each playground equipment factory in the market is different, the quality of indoor playground equipment is divided into three levels: poor, middle and high, different price for different quality. So hope each client do not just pay attention to our price, you’d better choose the most suitable indoor playground equipment according to your actual situation. Our after-sale service:we’ll provide maintain for free within one year, and for the after-sale service it’s for life-long. If the playground have any problems within a short time, we’ll change it for you, and provide free installation service.

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