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How Do You Oerform Repair And Maintenance Work On Trampoline Equipment?

Date:2020-11-03 02:56:42 Visit:1675

Many investors see the trampoline industry is developing so hot, they want a slice of the cake to eat a piece of cake, so many investors have now joined the trampoline equipment investment work. Want to operate a trampoline museum, the premise is that you should understand the trampoline manufacturer's equipment in advance, only the purchase of quality equipment can help the future smooth operation.Of course, but also need to focus on the maintenance and repair of equipment. The following is the main introduction to the trampoline equipment is how to carry out repair and maintenance work?
1. Focusing on equipment safety audits
2. Understanding proper use

3. Routine disinfection of equipment

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First, focusing on equipment safety audits
The use of regular trampoline manufacturers supply equipment is only reassuring, but should also focus on each routine safety inspection, the inspection process needs to see if each equipment metal is bare and leaky, this work needs to be checked once every half a month, but also need to equipment interface screws are loose, trampoline spring run whether there is a decoupling phenomenon, but also need to focus on the trampoline spring is prone to decoupling and deformation. In addition, the trampoline surface off the line should be sewn in a timely manner, if the trampoline surface has stains to be cleaned in a timely manner, the purpose of doing this is to ensure that customers have a clean and comfortable playing environment.
Second,  understanding proper use
Currently for the trampoline equipment safety inspection is not too detailed, in order to extend the use of life, on the one hand, to understand the correct way to use, the correct method of operation can greatly reduce the incidence of safety incidents, there is also the use of detailed reading before using the product instructions, such as some do not understand and manufacturers to contact in a timely manner, this is very important.
Third,routine disinfection of equipment

Want to trampoline equipment museum to achieve safe business, but also focus on daily disinfection, every day to the trampoline museum a lot of people, these people will come in contact with the surface of the equipment, so there will be cross-infection, equipment disinfection is very important, only good disinfection, only to provide visitors with a good play experience, can have a better user reputation. In addition, you should also maintain daily cleaning, timely ventilation, and keep the indoor air dry.

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How to repair and maintenance of trampoline equipment is introduced to you here, I hope that trampoline equipment operators in the management process should do a good job of repair and maintenance work, thereby helping to extend the service life of the equipment.