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How Do You Set A Quote For Trampoline Hall Equipment? What Factors Influence The Offer?

Date:2020-11-10 09:33:20 Visit:1708

For investors, the operation of a trampoline hall needs to involve the size of the investment, the direction of investment, manufacturer selection and many other mitigating factors, often a more sensitive topic when buying equipment is the trampoline hall equipment quotes, only after understanding the price to quote, only then can you buy the most appropriate trampoline. The following is a detailed description of the main trampoline hall equipment quotes how to set? What factors influence the offer? Let's just find out more about it.
The text contains the following.
1. Cast a wide net
2, Value for money
3, Final Pricing
4. Protection of rights and interests

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First, cast a wide net.

Trampoline hall equipment quotes from various manufacturers are not the same, it is critical to shop around before purchasing, due to the use of technology, materials, equipment, performance and other aspects of different manufacturers there are certain differences, so the difference in quotes is also a little bigger, for this reason in the inquiry stage should be done casting a wide net, so that different manufacturers quoted prices, so that from a cautious choice, so that the party can buy the most cost-effective products, before you can! It helps with subsequent business and operations.
Second, value for money
For trampoline hall equipment, in addition to the price, there are other issues that should be considered when purchasing, we should not just look at the price, we should also focus on the performance level, the length of life, the ease of maintenance, etc. These are all measures of cooperation can not be the standard, in addition to a comprehensive consideration of the after-sales team, a comprehensive look at the most cost-effective key.
Third,final pricing
The price of the quotation and the final decision on the price are two different things, this industry is very deep, sometimes the factory in order to get the contract, in the offer will make huge concessions, often and the initial price difference can be as high as 3 to 4 times, the opening price of millions of dollars of trampoline hall equipment, the final 30 to 40 million to take is also possible.
Fourth, protection of rights and interests

In order to check and balance manufacturers, production links in accordance with the contract as well as drawings, full work and materials do not complete the purchase of equipment, in order to effectively protect the rights and interests of the best way to withhold payment, generally prepaid 30% of the payment, the purchaser can find excuses to reduce the payment to 15%, the less payment, the greater the pressure on the other side, so that you can buy products that meet their requirements.

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For trampoline hall equipment offer how to set? What factors influence the offer? This issue is introduced to these, I hope that the purchaser before purchasing, through a variety of channels and more inquiries, but also should understand the qualifications of manufacturers, after-sales service, the purpose of doing so is to buy the most appropriate trampoline hall equipment.