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How Much Does It Cost To Invest In A Small Trampoline Park?

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Trampoline parks are opening more and more. Large-scale trampoline parks occupy a large area. Sometimes two floors cannot be installed. Such a large investment scale is absolutely unbearable for many small and medium investors. Fortunately, small trampoline parks also To meet the needs of some communities, cannibalize some markets, and how much does it cost to invest in a small trampoline park, we can figure it out.
Contains the following content:
1, venue fee
2, equipment investment
3, tax costs
4, decoration cost

5, total investment

 Trampoline Park-1

First, venue fees

Since it is a small trampoline park, the requirements for the venue are of course not too high. Nowadays, in the prosperous areas of many cities, commercial blocks, there are two or three shops rented at the same time, and the practice of turning them into small trampoline park is about At about 50 square meters, how much does it cost to invest in a small trampoline park? For such a large area, the site rent can be up to about 15,000 yuan a month.

Second, equipment investment

Using 100 square meters of space as an example, at least 10 single trampolines or three medium trampolines can be placed. Due to the small size of the venue, it cannot be made into a comprehensive facility. All use single trampolines to attract children and weight-loss ladies to play. Single trampoline The price of a single machine is only a few hundred yuan to 1,000 yuan, and the new price of a medium-sized trampoline is only 30,000 to 50,000 yuan. Of course, the height of the store cannot meet the safety needs of a large trampoline, so it is not considered here.

Third, the cost of taxes

Basic trampoline park water and electricity charges are basically charged at commercial prices. In addition, there will be business registration fees, quality inspection and pre-qualification for fire inspection. This cost can often be fixed within a few thousand yuan.

Fourth, decoration cost

Small trampoline paradise does not have high requirements for decoration. If the operator has high aesthetic requirements, it can cost up to 500,000 yuan for decoration, and the lowest can cost several thousand yuan. It can be completed through wall painting art graffiti. By late, the sound insulation of the wall must be taken into consideration, such as installing sound insulation foam and sound insulation boards.

 Trampoline Park-2

Fifth, total investment

Small trampoline parks can often be obtained within 150,000 yuan, especially suitable for working-class people doing side business, or one in a family of three has a fixed income, family members can see the store, save the cost of staff employment, is a good way to generate income.
How much does it cost to invest in a small trampoline park? The above gives a rough estimate. Compared to large trampoline facilities, the equipment here is much less, and the other configurations are not so exquisite, but it takes advantage of the boat's small turn around.