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How Much Does It Cost To Invest In An Indoor Trampoline?

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The advancement of science and technology has made human life better. Under the basic living conditions, more and more affluent life, let people pursue more things in the spiritual world, satisfy their own spiritual pleasure and physical exercise is more important in life This is the most worthwhile thing in a person’s life, so the development of the entertainment industry has been enduring. Among many investment projects, everyone prefers indoor trampoline investment. The trampoline investment is a small investment and high profit project. It has different amusement programs to meet the sports needs of people of different ages. It is widely distributed in various school districts, large supermarkets, central squares, and large parks, providing different sports modes for the general population. This article includes the following:
1. What is the site rent
2. How much equipment investment

3. Decoration costs

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What is the site rent?

The first component of the indoor trampoline investment is the rent of the venue. There is no suitable venue for the indoor trampoline and everything is done. There are many determinants of part of the cost of trampoline investment. First, let’s take a look at the city and geographical location of the indoor trampoline venue. The economically developed cities have high per capita consumption levels and high decoration costs. Therefore, the cost of the trampoline investment venue will also increase; Rent is relatively expensive in downtown or prosperous areas of the city. The rents are very expensive in the most popular places. However, in future operations, the more advantageous the geographical position, the better the operating conditions and the faster the return on capital.

Second, how much equipment investment

The highlight of the indoor trampoline investment should be the purchase cost of the equipment. If it is only a trampoline paradise project, the cost is generally about 500 yuan per square meter, but in order to provide customers with a versatile and comprehensive play experience, it is also necessary to add more The average price of the equipment is about one thousand yuan. The transportation cost of the equipment can not be counted, so the manufacturer directly delivers the product to the door, and the installation cost of the equipment needs to be paid. In the future operation process, the equipment also needs maintenance work, so there will be a maintenance fee.

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Decoration cost

If you want to decorate the indoor trampoline stadium as you like, or as you like, it needs to match the theme of the operation, then the decoration cost must be not less. For a 200 square meters paradise, its decoration The cost is about 100,000 yuan, which is an average price, and the decoration cost can be adjusted according to your investment budget.