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How Much Does It Cost To Join Trampoline? What Are The Influences?

Date:2020-09-10 10:28:02 Visit:1509

Trampoline projects are sought after by the market, and more investors want to join the industry. So for inexperienced investors who want to do a good job in trampoline entertainment projects, almost all think of trampoline joining, which is just joining the market. The costs are not uniform, some are high and some are low, so what are the differences and which ones are reasonable? Let's find out.
This article contains the following:
1. The size of the site has a big impact
2. There are many franchise cost factors
3. How much is the rental cost?

4. How much equipment?


First, the size of the venue has a big impact

Investors want to join the trampoline. First of all, consider the size of the venue. A small trampoline park is about tens of square meters. If it is a large one, it may be hundreds of square meters. To put it simply, if the area is small, the investment is small. If the area is large, the project types are also small. More, more attractive, but the greater the investment.

Second, there are many factors in joining costs

The cost of Lollipop Paradise cannot be calculated in the process of joining. After all, the cost of joining different brands cannot be calculated in detail. It usually includes different brands. There are fees such as franchise fees or deposits, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Of course, there are brands that do not have any franchise fees. For investors, it is necessary to know more about the brands they are joining and what services they provide.

Third, how much is the rental cost?

Since it is a trampoline gym, it must be rented. Different cities are more expensive than first-tier cities. If it is in second- and third-tier cities, it must be cheaper. Of course, the location also has a great impact. The more prosperous the location, the more expensive it is, and it also includes To solve the decoration and other issues, that is, pay attention to style and high-end, so that children have a better experience in the process of playing.

Fourth, how much equipment?

Planning and designing according to the area of the site is very important for the selection of equipment, not only to satisfy, but also to satisfy the children, so these equipment must be diversified. These equipments are basically square or complete sets, so in When buying, you need to know more about the factors of these devices, and compare them to know the quality and safety of these devices.


The trampoline franchise looks simple, but it is actually more complicated. Choosing a good franchise brand not only saves money, but also can consider many issues for investors, including site selection, training in operation and even equipment planning, etc. Factors are still very important.