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How Much Does It Cost To Invest In a Trampoline Park?

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If you want to invest and make money, you must find something closely related to the development trend of the times, and if the common people are more recognized, so that you can get a certain economic return in line with the market. Entertainment projects have developed rapidly in recent years, but if you want to quickly recover your investment costs, continuous innovation and improvement are still things that operators need to continue to pay attention to. Many novice investors around today want to know how much money it takes to invest in a custom trampoline park? Of course, there is a large gap in consumption in different regions, and the actual cost of capital is also very different. However, if you learn to control costs, you should understand a few essential factors.

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On the issue of how much money you need to invest in a custom trampoline park, the location is one of the main factors affecting the rental of the store. If the location of the prime location will inevitably bear higher rental costs, investors are advised to choose a client Concentrated areas, such as communities and schools, because the custom trampoline park is mainly targeted at young people, these local customer groups are relatively concentrated, and they can save a lot of publicity costs. In terms of decoration, ordinary decoration is difficult to attract the eye, so it is necessary to be creative, but also meet the investment budget requirements.

2. Optional equipment (40% -50%)

There are many types of custom trampoline parks, and different entertainment facilities bring different entertainment enjoyment to people, so custom trampoline parks must be extra cautious in investing in equipment, and choosing interesting and challenging projects can attract more attention , And can also establish a good brand image. At present, the more common equipment is trampoline, climbing wall, spider wall, etc. Investors should pay close attention to the quality and safety design of their products when purchasing equipment, especially protective nets, cash register equipment, monitoring equipment, etc. are all supporting Facilities, the overall price can be more affordable.


3. Staff training (10% -15%)

In the question of how much money is required to invest in a custom trampoline park, many people are concerned about the investment of hardware. In fact, for entrepreneurs, the investment of software cannot be ignored. The first is the training of service personnel. Different entertainment equipment is played differently, and related safety procedures are also different. Scientific and strict personnel training can improve the overall quality and service level of service personnel and avoid conflicts in customer consumption. In addition, Strict operation management and reasonable marketing and promotion are more conducive to the development and growth of the brand.

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The above are three suggestions for investing in a custom trampoline park. For more information about custom trampoline parks, please contact us for more information.