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How Much Should I Invest In A Trampoline House? How To Control The Investment Cost Reasonably?

Date:2021-06-07 04:51:26 Visit:1320

It is important to look at a project from a development perspective, especially if it is closely related to the current development of the times and can be recognized by the public as a project worth investing in. The trampoline hall has developed rapidly in recent years and is the favorite place for many young people and children's leisure activities. Many investors in the trampoline hall project want to know how much money to invest in the trampoline hall and how to reasonably control the investment costs.
This article contains the following content.
1. the reasonableness of the choice of venue
2. the choice of equipment purchase

3. operational capacity

First, the reasonableness of the choice of venue
  The first investment to be considered is the venue, and the rent of the venue is affected by the local economic level and geographic location. If you choose a prime location such as a city center mall, the venue rent should be psychologically prepared, especially in the first-tier cities where every inch of land is gold. It is recommended that investors in the choice of trampoline venue to customer groups as the center, such as around the community school, the concentration of customer groups can help you save a lot of publicity costs, the venue for decoration words to be able to attract the eyes of customers, do not do unnecessary expenditure, the style of simple is good.
Second, the choice of equipment purchase
  Trampoline hall to invest about how much money, the investment cost of equipment will occupy more than 30%, the core competitiveness of the equipment is rich diversity, rather than the more the better, different equipment to bring the customer's game experience is also different, so be careful to choose trampoline equipment, try to choose some strong fun plus challenging equipment, to meet the needs of customers of different personalities, more important is the safety of the equipment.
Third, operational capacity

  Each piece of equipment is different in the way it is played, and there are certain differences in the use process, so the staff training must be meticulous, develop a reasonable staff training plan, improve the overall staff service attitude and quality, and ensure that each area has professional staff. What should also be invested in is the overall reasonable operation plan of the trampoline hall, a timely combination of online and offline promotion has been active in the life of consumers, in order not to be eliminated by the market.

  I believe that every investor wants to get a return in the trampoline hall project, trampoline hall about how much money to invest, the price of investment in different regions is different, and there is not an accurate figure to answer, if you want to invest, according to personal ability to join the professional trampoline hall brand.