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How To Arrange The Supporting Business For The Indoor Trampoline? What Kind Of Business Can Be Done?

Date:2020-09-27 09:42:06 Visit:1546

Trampoline stadiums are indeed very advanced. More and more people will like to go indoor trampoline, because this sport not only brings us a good sense of joy, but also brings us some competitive challenges and joy. Secondly, indoor trampoline exercise is good for all aspects of the body. It can lose weight, exercise cardiopulmonary vitality, and exercise the coordination of the entire muscle. So in the process of the operation of the indoor trampoline arena, in fact, some supporting businesses can still be arranged. After tourists have tourists, they need services, so now let's understand which businesses can be done.
This article contains the following:
1. Nail salon
2. Beverage shop
3. Simple snacks

4. Dressing room

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First, the nail shop

The planning of the indoor trampoline stadium can be used as a nail salon. Why can it be built as a nail salon? In fact, the main reason is that girls are very beautiful. In fact, when everyone went to play in the indoor trampoline venues, many of them were with boys, so they hoped to be beautiful, or girls would play together with their girlfriends on weekends, and lie down and make a beautiful one when they are tired. Nails, do you think this is a great joy in life?

Second, the beverage shop

It is inevitable to want to drink water when playing. This drink shop must be indispensable, all kinds of popular flavored milk tea, all kinds of popular small net red drinks. In fact, they can all be operated in this place, and the business should be relatively good.

Third, simple snacks

Light meals and snacks are also what everyone needs, because the indoor trampoline is all one-time purchase tickets, and you need to buy more tickets after you go out, so you still want to eat something if you are hungry here, such as some physical strength Very good, you can play from the morning until the door is closed. So this simple snack is what is needed.

Fourth, the dressing room

The dressing room is really necessary for girls. The charge is not too high. Girls should also be willing to come here to make up. It is really necessary to touch up makeup and get hair done, because after all girls have high requirements for beauty.

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There are indeed many supporting businesses in the indoor trampoline stadium. The only requirement is that your indoor trampoline stadium has enough space to accommodate these supporting businesses.