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How To Buy Indoor Trampoline Equipment And What To Do For Later Maintenance?

Date:2020-08-05 02:55:17 Visit:1769

Trampoline is a very joyful equipment, but also a place to relax stress. Nowadays, people's life pressure is generally too high. The stressful life has a stressful state, which makes you feel that you don't know where to go to breathe a sigh of relief. Perhaps a hearty play on the indoor trampoline will make you feel good. Many investors are very optimistic about this industry, and also very optimistic about the indoor trampoline project. Now let's understand how to buy indoor trampoline equipment and see what needs to be done in the later maintenance?
This article contains the following:
1. Just buy directly from the manufacturer
2. There is a professional charter for later maintenance
3. Safe disinfection, must be done daily

4. Pay more attention to safety

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First, just buy it directly from the manufacturer

How to buy indoor trampoline equipment? First of all, we still suggest to buy directly from the manufacturer, why should we directly suggest to buy from the manufacturer? In fact, if you buy from the manufacturer, the price is quite favorable. For example, if you buy the equipment for 20,000 yuan directly from the manufacturer, you can spend 18,000, but if you buy it from an agent, you may need to spend 22,000. This is To make an analogy, but the truth is that it is really cheap to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Second, there is a professional charter for later maintenance

The post-maintenance work of indoor trampoline equipment is very important. After reasonable installation, it can be put into normal use. After use, it should be maintained regularly. It is necessary to check whether the parts are damaged and whether there are holes in the trampoline. If there is a professional charter, the manufacturer will provide professional maintenance requirements.

Third, safe disinfection, must be done every day

The safety and disinfection work in the indoor trampoline is done every day. Whether under the influence of this epidemic or at other times, we need to do this, because this will ensure that tourists are safe here, children. You can rest assured when you play here.

Fourth, pay more attention to safety

Pay more attention to safety, and provide safety training for employees when operating. Employees must clearly understand what tourists can do and what they can’t do.

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Indoor trampoline is a relatively good investment project, the profit is relatively good, you don't need to invest too much money in the later stage of a one-time investment, you only need simple operation and management, and tourists can continue to come.