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How To Decorate The Trampoline Theme Park Better? What Are Some Good Ideas?

Date:2020-10-08 08:46:05 Visit:1735

The trampoline theme park is indeed very popular now. At the weekend, everyone wants to go to such a place with their relatives and friends. Then what kind of decoration do you think would be better? What creative decoration schemes will make you very tempted? Now let's take a look at the decoration ideas that are very good, a few key points.
This article contains the following:
1. Ground
2. Roof
3. Painted integration

4. How to design the bathroom

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First, the trampoline theme park ground

How to decorate the trampoline theme park better? Some people say that laying floor tiles is enough, but in fact, laying floor tiles on the ground does not seem to be the only option. It is recommended to make a soft floor. The ground is soft, so that visitors will feel more comfortable and more comfortable. It is also a kind of protection for children.

Second, the roof of the trampoline theme park

How can the roof decoration be better? Some people say that the ceiling is indeed a good way, but if the ceiling is not suspended, is there a unique sense of technology incorporated into it? Or you can choose a colored sky, you can make a very large sky on the roof, if it is of black style, we can make a starry sky. This will indeed feel more unique and more attractive to tourists.

Third, the color painting is integrated

How to decorate the trampoline theme park better? Color painting is actually a very good method, or you want to incorporate some cartoon designs into the design, color painting is also a very good way, this very creative method. In fact, it saves money for wall decoration.

Fourth, how to design the bathroom

How to design the bathroom? Don’t talk about how to design the bathroom, design a few pits, and design a few barrier-free. This is the most basic and must have. The bathroom should have a third gender bathroom during the design process. We need to know that Baoma takes a male When a child goes to play, going to the bathroom is an obstacle. If the father takes his daughter to play, going to the bathroom is also an obstacle. Would it feel more intimate if there was a separate third-sex bathroom?

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In the design and decoration of the trampoline theme park, it really needs to focus on caring places and incorporate creativity, so that visitors can feel refreshed.