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How To Improve The Market Competitiveness Of The Indoor Playground?

Date:2022-12-23 03:21:01 Visit:786

   In the increasingly competitive environment of the indoor playgroundindustry, park operators have continued to break through and innovate in order to attract more customers in the cruel market environment. The core competitiveness of the indoor playground includes amusement projects and services, today we will look at how to enhance the competitiveness of the park through the innovation of indoor playground projects.



Understand the development trend of clear equipment

    To research the market demand as a starting point, the target area range of amusement project situation analysis, after the results and laws summarize the characteristics of the market demand, to understand the market more by the majority of tourists favorite amusement project, for the park innovation and innovation to provide a strong help.



The creative combination between the equipment

    In the indoor playground industry, especially the innovation of experience-type projects, the innovation of project combination is a lower cost and easier to complete method. It contains both the combination within different amusement projects, but also contains the combination between different amusement projects, through the combination of the composition of new indoor playground experience goods, but this combination not only requires novelty, unique, comfortable, and to function reasonably, function area distribution properly.



Set off the product characteristics with the park environment

      Indoor playground environment atmosphere has an important impact on the attractiveness of the show play items. There are usually two aspects of the environmental atmosphere. One, the environmental atmosphere is relatively old. For the longer years of operation, the ground, walls, glass aging indoor playground, can be replaced through the ground tiles, wall painting, playground perimeter rest seats from the placement and playground free place from the design to improve the overall environment, build a new play atmosphere, complete the renewal of the entire playground.

       Second, the environment atmosphere is relatively monotonous. Many indor playground, and do not focus on the creation of the whole environment, seems relatively monotonous, at this time can be combined with the project's own characteristics, the construction of a unique environmental atmosphere, so that people have the feeling of being there.



Increase the player's experience of the equipment

       Participation and experience is the central feature of indoor playground projects. In terms of the innovation of the amusement project, on some of the projects where the participation of tourists is weak, you can plan games for the amusement project, bring in the amusement project in the game session, strengthen the participation of tourists, and constantly innovate the way of experience to improve the attractiveness of the indoor playground project.



Update equipment in line with the trend

       For the short life cycle of the indoor playground project, the screening of its hardware equipment is relatively fast, which requires timely updating of equipment; and equipment update is not only the old for the new, but to constantly introduce new indoor playground equipment. However, updating hardware equipment requires increased investment, so it is necessary for this kind of innovation to be established on the scientific analysis and guessing of new equipment.


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