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How to Make Success For Trampoline Park?

Date:2020-02-24 03:22:01 Visit:2854

1.The Positioning Of The Trampoline Park

Trampoline park has many functions , it's not only for children and their patents, but also for some young people. Therefore, it is necessary to position your trampoline park and determine the target customers.If the trampoline park is more aimed at children aged 0-12, you can choose the equipment that is suitable for most children to play as much as possible when purchasing trampoline equipment, or divide the different play areas according to age to make the trampoline park's service covers children of different ages. At the same time, add some more interesting small items in the children's area, and increase the attraction of the trampoline Park for children.

2.Trampoline Park Holiday Promotion

It is the most popular time for indoor trampoline park for students to take winter and summer vacations and holiday breaks. For example, the 1st of June which is Children's day, the trampoline park can host family entertainment programs such as "Family Mobilization" to promote family feelings and feel the warmth of the family feelings and belonging. The trampoline park can be opened with multiple functional areas to meet the needs of more age groups. In addition, during the 1-2 month winter and summer vacation, it is recommended to create a "learning" image for the trampoline park, to create a park that satisfies children's good growth habits in eating, drinking, playing, and learning, while giving students preferential prices To make parents more willing and feel safe to take their children to the trampoline park to play.

3.Trampoline Park Environment

Regarding the environment of the trampoline park, we strive to create a refreshing and uniquely designed park environment. Personalized decoration, stylish and cool play equipment, clear and prominent themes are all extra points of the trampoline park in large shopping centers, which can attract customers to come. The trampoline park safety, hygiene, and the quality of the trampoline equipment are also important factors. In addition, children's music and songs can be inserted at different times to create a good atmosphere in the park. A comfortable and pleasant environment is the key to improving the customer experience . The unique properties of the trampoline make it more manageable than ordinary play equipment.

4.Humanized Service in Trampoline Park

Let's learn to impress customers with thoughtful service. First of all, safety is the most important part. Trampoline is a more intense exercise. While it brings fun, there is a certainly degree of danger. You can do safety precautions in every corner. Park service is one of the most effective aspects to attract customers. Different service qualities give customers different experiences and good service create more added value. The intention of the service directly affects the customer experience and the reputation of the park. Full and interesting theme activities, unique signboard projects are held in the park . This is a common way to retain customers and achieve long-term profitability; attracting customers to actively apply for a card is a common way to retain customers. The operators of the trampoline park should have regular training for the employees , including learning the rules and regulations of the trampoline park, attitudes to customers, customer admission procedures, guide games, etc., so that each employee has professional knowledge to serve customer. Improve the capabilities of the park staff to provide customers with better services.