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How to make your Trampoline Park more competitive?

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The liberalization of the second child policy has made the baby market that has been concerned more and more become a hot spot for investment. Among them, indoor Trampoline Park are favored by many investors due to their relatively simple management and low operating costs. In recent years, different grades and forms of indoor Trampoline Park have appeared in front of consumers, and the market has become hot.

However, as long as you calmly observe, it is not difficult to find that among these emerging indoor Trampoline Parks, only a small part of the real well-run and profitable, and a considerable part quickly fell into an unsustainable difficult situation; Not a few have disappeared since then. The reason for its failure is mainly due to the lack of understanding of the essential characteristics of the Trampoline Park industry.

Many investors think that one-sided Trampoline Park equipment as the core of an indoor Trampoline Park. They believe that as long as they find a similar venue and purchase a set of Trampoline Park equipment, they can complete the project. They have ignored many other important factors. , So as to go further and further on the wrong path, and even invest become failure.

Indeed, it is understandable to value hardware equipment, because equipment is about safety, and without safety is nothing. However, this is by no means the entire content of the core competitiveness of an indoor Trampoline Park. In addition to high-standard Trampoline Park equipment, the market competitiveness of indoor Trampoline Park mainly comes from the following aspects:

1.Good Site Choice & Lease Negotiation

The gross profit margin of Trampoline Park projects is a lot , but the lease capacity is weak, and field rent is the main cost of amusement projects in the later stage. Many investors are dragged down by higher rents. Therefore, if you can get a better quality site with more favorable lease conditions, it is undoubtedly equivalent to reducing operating risks and increasing predictable returns.

2.International Level Trampoline Park Planning 

Many people don't know how great the impact of the store looking and planning on sales performance is. If an indoor Trampoline Park achieves a better performance in design,  layout, project integration, lighting use, decorative elements, and material selection, etc. they can win 50% more than other parks.

3.Strong Operational Capabilities

A strong operation management team can provide a variety of marketing solutions and strategies for the park, and can have a calm market mind and market analysis ability at any time.

4.Leading Trampoline Park Facilities

If the processes and channels of various Trampoline Park projects and facilities of the international trend can be introduced for the first time, and through integration and integration, to provide customers with safe, novel and high-end entertainment experience, then the differentiated advantages of the park will be evident.

Pokiddo Trampoline Park

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