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How To Select Small And New Amusement Equipment Manufacturers?

Date:2023-03-20 09:39:51 Visit:609

With the rapid development of the amusement equipment industry, there are more and more children's amusement equipment on the market and more and more manufacturers of amusement equipment. We know that amusement equipment is the foundation and an important part of the park. Choosing a good manufacturer of small and new children's amusement equipment is related to the future operation and development of the park. Many investors do not know how to choose when facing the children's park equipment manufacturers with different participation in the market!

1See the manufacturer's qualification

When selecting small and new amusement equipment manufacturers, you can find out and verify the manufacturer's credit standing, qualification verification and other information through relevant websites and other channels. Pay attention to whether the manufacturer has legal registration, relevant certificate formalities, production qualification, and whether the products comply with national quality and safety regulations and industrial standards.

2Cooperation program

When selecting a manufacturer, we should pay attention to the cooperation case and process of the manufacturer as a reference, and understand the late impact of the completion of the case and consumer evaluation through various platforms, which is the most intuitive evaluation and impact for the manufacturer.

3After-sales service

After-sales service includes two aspects: service attitude and ability. Such as site decoration design? Block installation in the site area? How can the park reasonably charge? How to disinfect the children's playground equipment? How to deal with the problems in the business process? How to deal with after-sales problems? Guarantee of equipment maintenance in the later stage? The answer to these questions and the actual operation will directly affect the service of the manufacturer.

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