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How To Take Safety Precautions For Indoor Children's Playgrounds In Winter?

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Winter is dry and cold, and fire accidents are more likely to occur when the weather is dry. Therefore, in winter, indoor children's parks should pay more attention to safe operation and take safety precautions for amusement equipment. The safety precaution of amusement equipment includes two aspects, one is the safety precaution of the operating environment, and the other is the safety precaution of children's amusement equipment.



     1. Safety precautions for the operating environment

Indoor children's playgrounds should always check whether the safety passages and fire passages are unobstructed, and whether there is accumulation of flammable and explosive debris; check whether there are fire hazards around, and do not place heating equipment such as stoves and electric heaters next to children's play equipment; of course, it is necessary to Check whether the lines of electrified equipment are aging, hidden danger of short circuit, etc.


2. Safety precautions for children's play equipment

Safety precautions for amusement equipment

There are many kinds of children's play equipment. First of all, ensure that the equipment itself is clean and tidy, and whether there is debris or dust inside and at the bottom of the equipment, if there is any, please remove it. In winter, the weather is cold, and plastic parts need to be checked for aging and there is a hidden danger of breakage; electric equipment should always check whether the lubricating oil needs to be added or replaced, especially the oil pressure system can directly affect the normal operation of the equipment, and the air pressure system should be checked. Whether the air inlet and outlet holes of the air compressor and cylinder are blocked.


 The more important aspect of electric amusement equipment is the circuit. It is necessary to adhere to the circuit inspection once a week, replace the aging parts and circuits, and solve the hidden safety hazards. Other safety requirements, amusement equipment should be set up with eye-catching safety signs in necessary places and parts. Safety signs are divided into four types: prohibition signs (red), warning signs (yellow), instruction signs (blue), and prompt signs (green).


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