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Is There A Bad Time For Trampoline Theme Parks?

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Components of a trampoline theme park

   After years of publicity and development, the sports items of trampoline theme parks are not uncommon things. The main components of the venue are the theme trampoline park composed of dozens of trampolines and a variety of outdoor and indoor items. The trampoline expands the amusement, and multiple independent projects are added to the combined indoor park.

   Trampoline theme parks have become popular in China in recent years. They mainly use the trampoline environment of the whole field to allow participants to experience the fun of jumping, give full play to the coordination ability of multiple parts of the body, and fully release their physiology and psychology in a limited space. pressure. Since the Beijing Olympics, the development of trampoline theme parks has spread across China. At present, large-scale multi-functional trampoline theme parks have been opened in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities in China. Not only can it be seen in large cities, but trampoline theme parks can be seen in almost all third- and fourth-tier cities, which truly achieves the goal of comprehensive trampoline sports.


What are the advantages of trampoline theme parks?

    As a kind of indoor amusement project, the biggest advantage of trampoline theme park is its inclusiveness and sustainability. As an indoor project of Evergreen Indoor Children's Park, the emergence of the trampoline theme park has greatly impacted his status, because as long as the venue allows it, the indoor children's playground can be perfectly combined with the projects in the venue, and the indoor children's playground can be integrated. The characteristics of the project are all included, and a number of improvements and sublimations have been carried out, and not only can it accommodate indoor children's playgrounds but also outdoor rock climbing, outdoor dryland skiing projects can be moved in to increase the level of customer groups, which has a great attraction to its own venues. guest role.

    Another is that the trampoline theme park is a modular product, and you can choose the project according to your own requirements. A professional manufacturer can make more than 15 functional divisions to meet the needs of the customer group, and the installation and maintenance are also very simple. Investment The sustainable management of the latter stage has the effect of multiplying the results with half the effort.


Is there a bad time for trampoline theme parks?

    Trampoline theme park is a comprehensive project developed with trampoline as the main body. It is different from the single trampoline sports in the previous parks. It has no age restrictions. As long as people who are able-bodied, adults and children can enjoy trampoline in it. Fun, and because it's indoors, completely weather- and space-agnostic, entertaining can be done at any time.

    So is there a low season for trampoline theme parks? The answer is no, trampoline theme parks only have different peaks in the time band, and the peaks usually appear on weekends, but they are almost average people.

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