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New And Awesome Trampoline Park Games

Date:2016-03-02 10:12:51 Visit:4914

People like fly and enjoy the jumping air, and the truth is trampoline parks become popular all around the world.There are more and more games people play in the trampoline park.Now let me introduce the games for you.

1.Bubble ball 

New Games in indoor trampoline park 

2.Velcro wall suit 

Velcro wall suit 

At the back is the park’s unique Velcro wall, a huge sheet of the material that jumpers, after donning one of the stylish Velcro suits, can stick to by jumping into it.

3.Sumo Outfits

Sumo Outfits 

People wear the big sumo outfit and enjoy the fun of becoming a big strong person.The can jump and have a lot of play experience like a Japanese sumo. The air in the sumo outfit can help them from sports heart and jump higher than normal player.

4.Pugilism in trampoline park foam pit

Pugilism in trampoline park foam pit 

Kids like all kinds of new games in the trampoline park. We can provide many toys for them.The small kids they can play the pugilism on the balance beam in Ninja court or foam pit.These soft boxing toys can be very light and safe for kids playing.

5.Zip line

Zip line 

Trampoline park is a place where people enjoy the air! The zip line helps the players become the spiderman and fly on the top of the trampoline park. The games can make better use of the space in the trampoline park and attracts more kids come to play.

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