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Pokiddo Attend the Marathon in WenZhou City

Date:2018-12-16 06:49:51 Visit:2312

On 2nd Dec, Our general manager participate in the Marathon in WenZhou,China.It's the best way to exercise endurance, believe we can do it and do well.And he wore the 

Pokiddo T shirt to attend the marathon to let more people knowthis brand in Wenzhou city.

Pokiddo in Wenzhou Marathon 1

Pokiddo in Wenzhou Marathon 2

Pokiddo is the indoor amusement park which was owned by Liben Group in Wenzhou city. It was opened at the end of Jan. And it has many activities in this park, like trampoline equipment, ball pit, big wave slides, indoor playground  and the teaching classes for toddlers.Below is the design drawing of this park.

amusement park design

 Amusement park Pokiddo design