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The Amount Invested In The Trampoline Park, The Requirements Of The Trampoline Park For Venue Conditions

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The trampoline park has become a must-go place for many families to go out to play. It can not only have fun here, but also enhance the relationship between parents and children. Of course, this is not only a happy paradise for children, but also a place for parents to relieve stress. Of course, for investors, they have also seen new projects, so how much is the trampoline park invested? What are the requirements for the venue conditions of the trampoline park?

First, trampoline park market research

Market research is a key factor to consider before opening a trampoline park. Only by understanding the market environment and the dynamics of the entire industry can you seize a stable trampoline park in a good position to invest. You can choose a large shopping mall, and the population structure ratio is good. In addition, we must fully understand the competitors around the entire venue and the local consumption level. Know more, then you can have more advantages when opening the entire trampoline park.

Second, trampoline park site selection requirements

If any trampoline park wants to achieve profitability, the proportion of address selection should be about 70%. Therefore, when choosing a trampoline park address, it is necessary to choose the one with obvious advantages, which can rely on the flow of people around. If you want to choose a supermarket, you must choose a place with a large number of people and more children, that is, a place with a lot of people like parents and children is a good choice.

Third, fire protection requirements for trampoline parks

When choosing the address of the trampoline park, there should be no less than two safety exits on the site, and the best site selection should have independent entrances and exits. When the shopping mall is a high-rise building, it is necessary to set up independent entrances and exits. In addition, the laying of electrical wiring must also meet the requirements of the code, and a feasible emergency evacuation plan must be formulated, and equipment that meets the fire protection requirements must be equipped. These include fire extinguishers, emergency lights, evacuation signs, etc. All these must be done when the entire engineering park is established.

In addition, when selecting the site for the entire trampoline park, the height of the site needs to be about 4m. If it is a comprehensive factory park, its net height needs to reach more than 6m. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the height of the site should be above 5.5m, so as not to be subject to age restrictions. Of course, the whole site needs to be flat, with as few columns as possible and good ventilation. Therefore, the overall construction of the trampoline park has very high requirements for the venues. In addition, when investing in such a trampoline park, the amount of investment is directly related to the choice of the entire venue and the investment in trampoline equipment.



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