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The Most Challenging Project In The Trampoline Park ——High Altitude Slide

Date:2022-06-11 02:47:10 Visit:640

The slide is an emerging entertainment project and a kind of extreme sports. A player wearing a safety gear hangs under the sliding roller, uses the steel pipe and wire rope with a certain height drop as the track, and uses gravity to quickly slide down from a high place to a low place. This is the slide.

Originated in the mountain country Switzerland, the slide is full of speed and excitement, and the equipment is equipped with double-sided pulleys. The size of the two-sided pulley interface is smaller than the central slide to prevent falling, which greatly increases the safety; in addition, the electronic pulley recovery system installed on the equipment will lead the pulley back to the starting platform after each use. The high-altitude slide safety belt series adopts a unique double-layer weaving process, which meets the tensile strength of international regulations, has a small elongation rate and a high slip rate, so that users can wear it more comfortably and safely.

The high-altitude slide combines free fall and gliding with 3D curved pipes to provide you with a stimulating experience in a safe environment, allowing players to experience the pleasure of high-altitude, and realizing the feeling of "flying man" is not a dream. Main features: hovering vertically and sliding down, the maximum speed can reach 50kg/h; turning gives people a centrifugal pleasure; the concave gives people an instant weightless stimulation. 

The slideway is an improved and upgraded version of the zipline. Compared with the traditional zipline, the design is more scientific, safer, and conforms to the human body structure. The gameplay is rich and varied, and there are multiple sliding postures to choose from, allowing players to experience various changes in body sliding at high altitudes.


With the acceleration of life rhythm and the increase of work pressure, people's demand for novelty, stimulation and relaxation in daily rest and entertainment came into being.      The same kind of park is easy to make consumers tired, and they can’t raise their interest in playing. Bright colors can easily numb people’s vision, and a single children’s project lacks the participation of parents, which hinders the possibility of intimate family interaction. The advanced family entertainment center-style trampoline theme park in Europe and the United States will become a favorite indoor park for children and adults. In addition to some necessary trampoline basic matching items, of course, having super exciting slides will definitely make the venue a unique place. paradise!


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