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Trampoline Park Event Manual

Date:2019-08-18 04:05:02 Visit:2988

Party system
1.How to sell a party?
2.How to perform a party?
3.Party service
4.How to increase party unit price 
5.Party Promotion
Holiday Event System
1.Annual Event Promotion
2 Children's Day Event Reference
3 National Day Event Reference
4 Summer Holiday Event Reference
5 Halloween Event Reference
6 Christmas Event Reference
7 New Year Holiday Event Reference
8 Dynamic Kids Grand Prix
Daily activity system
1 Reasons for conducting daily activities In Pokkido
2 When will the daily venue activities be carried out In Pokkido ?
3 Precautions for daily activities     
4 How to operate an activity In Pokkido
5 Planning daily activity schedule
6 Activity position division schedule
7 Specific daily activities reference plan(Whole year)

Trampoline Park Birthday Party