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What Are The Costs Of Investing In An Indoor Trampoline Park?

Date:2020-05-28 03:30:51 Visit:2163

Indoor trampoline park is a world of young people. Not only can they make friends, but also learn about trampoline skills. The bosses are fancy that this market has intervened. How much does indoor trampoline park invest? You must count clearly if you want to invest.
Contains the following content:
1, personnel investment
2, equipment investment
3, venue fees
4, decoration cost
5, other costs

6, working capital

First, personnel investment

How much does it cost to invest in an indoor trampoline park? The so-called software is the foundation of the hardware. The equipment only needs to be ordered, but the staff needs training to get on the job. The preparatory expenses are often pure investment, and there is no return for the time being, so only from the principal Take, for example, if you have 20 employees, after half a month of training, it will cost tens of thousands of yuan along the way.

Second, equipment investment

With a team, it is natural to purchase equipment. Since most of the trampoline production has to go through a cycle of more than 40 days, it is necessary to place an order with the manufacturer while training the team. This investment accounts for almost 40% of the total investment. Large or small manufacturers, the final purchase unit price is very different, mainly to see whether the other party can guarantee quality and quantity, can provide a complete contract and after-sales commitment.

Third, venue fees

In addition to paying a deposit, you have to pay a rent of three months to half a year. This fee is a big part in addition to equipment investment. The cost of renting an indoor trampoline park varies from city to city. Naturally, you need to talk to the landlord If the rented area is large enough, it actually has a strong bargaining power.

Fourth, decoration cost

The venue has to be simply renovated, and the cost can be large or small. If the indoor trampoline park is in the suburbs of the city, there is no need for any sound insulation and noise reduction. It may be as low as about 100,000 yuan. If the indoor trampoline park is in the city center, it may reach 50. Ten thousand yuan, please ask a responsible decoration team to help plan, try to bargain.

Fifth, other costs

Includes commercial insurance, various pre-tax costs, and marketing costs. It is difficult to make accurate statistics on this fee, and the maximum will not exceed 80,000 yuan.

Sixth, working capital

Any business institution must prepare a little liquidity before opening, and it can maintain at least three months of operation with zero flow. The more money on hand, the stronger the viability.

How much does it cost to invest in an indoor trampoline park? The above only shows the calculation method and direction. How much can be spent depends on the operator ’s intelligence. If possible, try not to purchase old equipment. The new indoor trampoline park equipment is more attractive to tourists , And the safety factor is also higher.