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What Are The Popular Items In Indoor Playgrounds In 2022?

Date:2022-04-24 03:17:36 Visit:993

  Any industry must keep pace with the times so that it will not be eliminated by the market. The same is true for the amusement park industry. Only by knowing the trend of the market can we operate better.

   There are many indoor playgrounds now, and each playground has a lot of amusement equipment, different positioning, different shopping malls, and the projects introduced will also be very different, but if you want to attract more The flow of people, then such amusement projects must be liked at the moment, so what are the popular projects in indoor playgrounds in 2022?

First, indoor naughty castle

  The indoor naughty castle is a traditional entertainment project and a must-have in every playground. It is also an enduring project with high playability. Of course, it can also be integrated with other equipment. Some children's projects such as trampoline, projection, and carousel can be matched with each other. Here, children can have fun and have fun, so that parents can be satisfied.

Second, children's indoor development

  At present, the proportion of expansion projects seen in indoor playgrounds is relatively small. This is also because many areas still do not pay attention to expansion training. It is an amusement project that allows children to integrate expansion, education and entertainment through sports. It not only It can let children feel super exciting levels in the process of playing, let children learn in adventure, and can also achieve the purpose of entertaining and entertaining, and at the same time, it can also hone their willpower and stimulate their potential.

Third, parent-child video game project game

  This game is an interactive game for children and parents to play together, not only can make children have fun, but also the interaction between parents and children can enhance each other's parent-child relationship. It can let children stimulate the cells of their whole body in the process of playing, so that all parts of the child's body can be exercised. Parents and children can complete tasks together, which can also make children have a lot of fun.


  If you want to choose a popular project for indoor playgrounds in 2022, you must consider both its classicity and novelty. Therefore, when choosing equipment, it is not only a traditional amusement project, but at the same time it has been upgraded. Such amusement projects will definitely attract more people's attention, and of course, more children will like it, and parents will also be able to enjoy it. Free your hands.

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