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What Are The Requirements Of A Trampoline Park For A Venue?

Date:2021-07-20 10:50:11 Visit:1063

Trampoline park have always been popular because they not only provide a space for free play but also promote physical and mental health, so many people want to open an indoor trampoline theme park as well. And for the entire establishment process, the requirements for the site are very critical, but also to determine whether the park can be a necessary condition for success.

First, the site for market research

First of all, we must conduct a reasonable analysis of the whole market, after winning the market share to be able to grasp the market data. At the right time, the right place to open a trampoline park is the market for its potential demand. So for the choice of this site, first of all for its research aspects, including the size of the population, economic level, income level, and spending power, etc., these are some factors that can directly determine the operation of the playground.

Second, understand the site rental prices

When choosing a site, after researching around, then to assess the market, whether it is a crowd test, or customer capacity comparison, as well as visibility and convenience, these are the things that need to be considered, to be able to get the best location, but also to allow investors to make a reasonable choice, according to the budget to choose a cost-effective site, which must be considered.

Third, the trampoline park requirements for the site

If the indoor children's trampoline park is established, then the net height needs to reach more than four meters, and if it is for adults, then it needs to be more than five meters, in general, it is recommended that the site should be more than 5.2 meters so that it will not be restricted by age. There are also more requirements for the ground and columns of the site, the ground needs to be flat and well ventilated, while there is no clear requirement for the area of the whole trampoline park, which mainly depends on the investor's positioning for the whole trampoline park investment, whether it is 200 square meters or 300 square meters, it is possible to establish such a park normally.

The trampoline park also requires needs fire safety, with no less than two safety exits and, in the case of high-rise buildings, three entrances. The trampoline can be said to be one of the most popular sports, for the trampoline park, it can increase repeat customers, improve profitability, then for its infrastructure is bound to have higher requirements, but also need investors with such a trampoline park before the establishment, must have a good assessment of the whole market and trampoline park equipment manufacturers.