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What Are The Trampoline Playground Equipment? Detailed Introduction Of Different Series Of Equipment.

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Trampoline is a kind of entertainment project that children and parents like more. You can find more happiness here, and it is also the most popular equipment among trampoline playground. A  trampoline playground  wants to win in the fierce competition. There is no shortage, every device is new and unique. Satisfying the needs of more people can make the business more popular, so the functions and game methods of each device should be understood in advance. What are the specific equipment, how should you choose? The following is a detailed introduction to the different series of equipment!
This article includes the following:
1. What are the fun equipment in the  trampoline playground?
2. What equipment does the video game series have?

3. What are the parent-child projects?

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1. What are the fun equipment in the trampoline playground?

Based on years of experience in the  trampoline playground, the children’s favorite trampoline playground equipment types are summarized: one video game series; two simulated driving school series; three children’s doll houses; four ball pool pass, five parent-child project, six, slide project , Seven Net Red Project, etc. Different types of equipment have more varieties of choices, and different types of equipment have different functions. Choose the appropriate equipment according to your business theme.

2.what equipment are available in the video game series?

The electronic toy series is a more popular item for children between six and twelve years old. These items are charged separately, but its popularity is a bit inferior. Common equipment include: catching doll machines, jungle adventures, playing hamsters, and shooting. Machines, dancing machines, motorcycle racing, etc. The children are more interested in these projects. For these simple little games, it is a lot of challenges for children. In the process of playing games, it can strengthen the connection between physical activity and brain thinking, while strengthening the brain and intelligence, it can strengthen children Physical enhancement. In the process of the common game, make the parent-child relationship more harmonious and orderly.

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3. What are the parent-child projects?

Nowadays, parents are busy with work every day, and the pressure of life makes them breathless. There is very little time to accompany children, so the parent-child relationship of more families needs to be repaired slowly. Each parent-child project in the trampoline playground can greatly enhance the relationship between parents and children. Some trampoline playground projects are for adults and children to play together. Today's more popular projects are: DIY handmade area, devil slide, rainbow net, super trampoline, EPP building blocks, million ocean balls, sand and so on. Seeing the lively scenes of children in the game area can inspire other children to come to play, and in the happy game, improve the parent-child relationship and promote family harmony.