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What Is The Budget For Joining A Trampoline Park? What Size Is More Appropriate?

Date:2020-10-20 01:29:46 Visit:1382

Many entrepreneurs look to the trampoline park, it is precisely because the trampoline project is an amusement project, but and sports projects closer, not only children can play, adults can also play, and not just play but also exercise, so the future prospects for development is more optimistic, but also more entrepreneurs feel that they want to invest in trampoline park.Some entrepreneurs feel that the trampoline park to join the park should be good, save time and effort, just do not know how much the cost budget, we will learn more about the specific information below.
This article contains the following content.
1: How big is the right size?
2, join the cost of understanding

3, What is the equipment?

4: How to plan for consumer positioning?

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First, how big is the right size?

Trampoline park to join the first to see how large the area is more appropriate, as investors, according to the investment project is located in the city to determine the level of consumption area, of course, according to the budget can be large or small, a few hundred square meters is small, if it is about 600 square meters can be counted as medium-sized paradise, a large area is about 1000 square meters of paradise.

Secondly, to join the cost of understanding

The cost of joining different brands may be different, and even charge a deposit, so investors should go to understand more, choose a better brand to join, so as to be able to save time and effort, after all, some of the joining fee is not only low, but also includes the installation of equipment and training and other items, so that investors more assured.

Third, what is the equipment?

Trampoline equipment contains many items, if it is all trampolines, may be calculated according to the area, a square is 500 yuan, if you add other items, such as slides, there are children climbing, or naughty bags, these items can enhance the vitality of the trampoline park, but these costs are calculated on a square basis, but also consider the wages of the installation workers.

Fourth, how to plan for consumer positioning?

Their own trampoline park depends on their own consumer positioning, some specialized needle is children this project is certainly cheaper, but if for adults, naturally these projects must be attractive, and in terms of decoration but also high-end, to have visual effects.

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Trampoline park to join the investors is very advantageous, after all, saving time and effort is also very important, even if they do not have experience can also operate, as long as you choose a good brand.