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What is the budget to invest in a trampoline park? How to choose a franchisee?

Date:2023-08-08 01:10:07 Visit:452

   The popularity of the trampoline park is obvious, and such a grand situation also attracts more investors. Trampoline park to join, more investors will choose a high level of technology, and a good reputation of the trampoline park to join, then join the trampoline park budget is how much? Trampoline park to join and how to choose?
1. Have a good reputation.
   When choosing a trampoline park to join, make sure it has multiple franchise stores around the world. The huge data directly laid a good foundation for such a brand, and it will be easier to have certain visibility in the later publicity. Therefore, when choosing a trampoline gym to join, we must determine the choice of a suitable brand on the basis of the survey.

2. It has integrated service functions
   Now the people who invest in the trampoline park are basically based on the trampoline park as a supplementary industry. Generally, there are some other stores operating, so when joining the trampoline park, investors may not have sufficient time and energy to dedicate to this aspect. Usually choose to outsource the entire project, from the beginning of the site to the later opening of the store is directly responsible for the trampoline manufacturers. Therefore, at this time, we must choose an integrated service and fully functional manufacturer, so it can serve from the beginning to the end.

3.The professional customization of equipment

   Even though the trampoline park has an integrated service level at the time of joining, its overall equipment also needs to be customized. The corresponding equipment needs to be customized according to the size of the store, and the selection of equipment should be based on the target consumer group. This is a very troublesome thing for investors, need to understand all aspects, but also need to check and understand the after-sales. Therefore, we must choose to directly join the factory, then there will be more space on the equipment selection.

   How much budget do you have for joining a trampoline park? Mainly to see how much the budget of the investment project is, and then according to the budget to choose the size of the site, choose the high-end equipment or not, choose the city of the trampoline hall. After all, these will determine the amount of his investment budget for the trampoline park, so it is very important to investigate relevant matters before investment. By gaining a better understanding of these aspects, investors will have more certainty during the investment process.