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What Safety Issues Should Be Paid Attention To In Trampoline? Is This Sport Dangerous?

Date:2020-08-17 09:12:42 Visit:1492

Trampoline has professional competitions in sports, which is a professional competitive sport. This kind of sports has gradually been integrated into leisure and entertainment venues. For example, the current trampoline halls and trampoline parks are relatively popular. So what safety issues should be paid attention to when playing this sport? Some people worry that this sport is too dangerous and dare not go, in fact, as long as you pay attention to related safety issues, you can play with confidence.
This article contains the following:
1. Pay attention to the height
2. Backward movement cannot be done
3. You can’t go if you have physical problems

4. Strictly follow the standard actions of the staff


First, pay attention to height

Trampoline sports have strict height regulations, and the trampoline hall basically requires a floor height of 8 meters. If there is no such condition that the floor height is 8 meters, those crazy jumping sports should not be done. Generally speaking, there will be strict requirements in this trampoline gym. There will be a variety of different areas. There are professional areas and free areas. The height of the setting can meet the safety height.

Second, you can’t do backwards

When doing this exercise, the same movement cannot be done, because the human cervical spine is relatively fragile. If you accidentally land your head when doing the backward movement, it will cause the cervical spine to be injured, so the backward movement is impossible made.

Third, you can’t go if you have physical problems

People with physical problems are not allowed to do this sport, such as severe heart disease, severe lumbar disease, or severe mental illness. These people are not allowed to do this sport. This sport is full of Excitement and joy, but in fact there are higher requirements for physical conditions. Generally speaking, young people have no problem.

Fourth, strictly follow the staff’s standard actions

During the game, you must strictly follow the requirements of the staff. The staff will be trained in a set of rules and regulations. This includes safety aspects. If you must not follow the staff’s suggestions to do those dangerous actions, If the problem is solved, the gain is not worth the loss.


Trampoline is really fun. From a professional perspective, it is full of challenges. From a leisure and entertainment perspective, it is full of excitement and joy. Although this sport is fun, safety needs to be paid attention to.