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What Should Be To Invest Attention To When Investing In An Indoor Trampoline Park?

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   In fact, Many families actually intentionally expose their children to trampoline games for the purpose of exercising.

   A parent said, "Our child is introverted and timid. Now they always stay at home and watch TV during the holidays. We also feel that this is not conducive to the health of the child. So I want to take her to experience these projects. I hope she will I will be more brave in the future.", "In addition, children are under too much pressure to study and have little time to exercise. Playing here can be used as fitness, and she is more interested." Considering the needs of parents, this type of children's sports park generally Specially designed in project construction.

   There are more than a dozen different functional items in the children's indoor playgroup park, and the playing methods are also different. For example, some exercise the child's physical strength, and some test the child's balance ability. Considering the psychological factors of children, in the project design, the planned project functions are different for people of different age groups.

1. Compared with other projects, the indoor trampoline park has a larger age span, and people aged 5-60 can experience it. The floor area is not large, mostly between 150-900 square meters. There is no need to consider too much decoration cost, and fewer personnel are needed, so the operation mode is relatively simple.

2. There is not much competition in the indoor trampoline park. It is undeniable that the small trampoline in the naughty castle is also very popular. Almost 90% of indoor children's playgrounds are equipped with small trampolines. In terms of gameplay, the indoor trampoline park is similar to ordinary small trampolines, but it is aimed at a much larger crowd than small trampolines, which is more challenging and equally attractive to adults. At present, indoor trampoline parks are very common in large and popular cities, but they are rare in second- and third-tier cities, especially county towns. The competition is small and the market is still blank. When you are used to children's small trampoline, and then recommend this alternative "big trampoline" to children or adults, the effect can be imagined.

3. Matters needing attention when investing in an indoor trampoline park

Only good projects and good operation management can make a lot of money.

When investing in children's trampoline parks, you also need to pay attention to:

1. Site selection

The location of children's trampoline park is very important, which requires investors to do preliminary market research. Many people know that they need to find places with a lot of traffic, so those places are better

  Which group is the trampoline park mainly aimed at?

  Are you a community child?

  Are you a child in kindergarten or elementary school?

  Is it a shopping mall consumer group?

  According to the target group, make statistics on specific data, such as how many families and how many target children are there in the community?

  What is the traffic flow of the mall on weekdays and weekends?

  Is there a primary school or kindergarten nearby?

  Is there any training center for children's education?

  Are there any strong competitors?

   How many children's undertakings can share resources with you?

Suggested locations: bustling shopping malls, children's shopping malls, parks, large and medium-sized residential areas, around schools, etc.

2. Security issues

    Safety issues are the basic work that must be paid attention to and done well.

3. Ticket pricing

    Ticket Pricing Pricing is a science. It is recommended to be slightly higher than the local consumption level. If it is too low, it will not reflect the grade. If it is too high, no one can accept it. Once the price of the park is low, it will be difficult for customers to accept the price increase; when the price is high, the park can lower the price in disguise through cards, activities, etc., which can also give consumers a kind of psychological comfort.


4. Publicity and promotion

   In the Internet age, publicity and promotion are particularly important. In addition to some common ways, others should also learn, learn from, and try more good ways to promote children's amusement parks

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