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What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Indoor Trampoline Equipment? How To Match It Better?

Date:2020-09-08 10:26:30 Visit:1431

Today’s trampoline park is loved by consumers, and more investors are more interested in trampoline projects. Such projects can not only play and exercise at the same time, but more importantly, they can exercise self-confidence, but also have the confidence to challenge. Of course The most important thing is the support of parents. Friends of different ages are also very keen on such entertainment, and some young people like it very much. So investors must pay more attention to the purchase of indoor trampoline equipment and how to match them. Understand, let's introduce it in detail.
This article contains the following:
1. The quality of trampoline
2. Classification
3. Function layout

4. Security protection

First, the quality of the trampoline

When buying indoor trampoline equipment, you must first pay attention to the quality. The quality actually includes the metal bracket and the spring that connect the trampoline surface and the shelf. Then according to the performance of the size, there are round or square ones. Of course, it depends on the trampoline plan. What is the design.

Second, the classification

According to the layout of the trampoline park, it may not only be as simple as a trampoline, but other facilities are also needed to jointly build indoor trampoline equipment, such as ocean balls and naughty bags. These facilities are also very important, and there are even stunt areas, such as sticky walls. And so on, so these categories are still different.

Third, functional layout

The functional layout of these indoor trampoline equipment are divided into different areas. Some are thrilling and some are challenging types. You must see these interconnected parts in the purchase process. Only by seamless connection can you increase the fun and enhance the attraction force.

Fourth, safety protection

These trampoline equipment are relatively stressful during the jump, so should we consider? Therefore, these safety issues must be considered when selecting equipment. After all, according to the division of functional areas, the trampoline selected by adults must have a high load-bearing capacity, and the trampoline in the children's area does not need to be so high, and it must be considered. Handrails, such as protective nets or grab the handrails during jumping.

In the purchase of indoor trampoline equipment, some manufacturers can directly customize different shapes and specifications to improve space utilization, and the layout can increase the difficulty, challenge, and playability to a certain extent, such as air sliding, swing, Naughty bags and other items make the indoor trampoline a super paradise.