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Which Equipment Is Fun In The Net Red Trampoline Hall? What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Playing?

Date:2020-10-12 09:16:28 Visit:1405

With everyone's enthusiasm for the Internet, the net red trampoline hall has gradually become popular. In the video, we can see the trampoline rolling up and down, and the fun of competitive sports style. So this kind of equipment is getting more and more fun. Now let's find out which equipment in the net red trampoline hall is more fun, and what safety issues need to be paid attention to when playing.
This article contains the following:
1. How does it feel to stick to the wall?
2. High platform jumping
3. Large collision ball

4. Super big slide

net red trampoline hall-1

First, how does it feel to stick to the wall?

There will be a sticky wall in the net red trampoline hall. Wearing special clothes is actually the same as the magic stick, but the magic stick is relatively large, and people will be glued to the wall after jumping. This sense of fun is indeed very strong, everyone will like this project more, and we will be more enthusiastic about this project.

Second, high platform jumping

Jumping from a high platform is actually a good way for the net red trampoline hall. Do you feel full of excitement when you jump from a high platform? Those who are more courageous will like this project very much.

Third, the large collision ball

Large collision balls are indeed really attractive. People get into a ball and can collide with each other. This kind of equipment is actually very cheap. For investors, it is a very cheap investment in net red trampoline hall equipment, but for tourists in the park, it is really good because it is simpler and easier to play. 

Fourth, the super slide

The super big slide is really happy. More and more people like this simple and interesting thing. It seems that there is no technical content, just sliding down from above, but in fact, the degree of happiness is really not Inferior to stimulating items. This project is relatively simple, the investment is relatively low, and the cost is still preferred to investors.

net red trampoline hall-2

Net red trampoline hall actually has a lot of fun equipment in it, you can try it to talk about safety precautions, then pay attention to two points, one is whether your physical condition is suitable; the other is the safety in the venue The matters needing attention must be read clearly, and it is enough to strictly follow the staff's suggestions.