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Why Is Brand So Important When Starting A Trampoline Park Franchise?(1)

Date:2020-02-25 01:17:56 Visit:854

The trampoline park brand, simply refers to the consumer's awareness of the brand for trampoline park. The trampoline park brand involves an evaluation and recognition of trampoline products, trampoline park construction, trampoline park operation, member services, and cultural value in the trampoline park industry.A brand is an intangible asset that brings passenger flow, customer experience, premium, and value-added services to trampoline park investors. The brand carries more on the recognition of its products and services by consumers.Consumers have the initiative to spend on trampoline parks. And they only decide whether to choose the trampoline park based on how much they like it after experience. The user experience is the core of a trampoline park so if consumers can feel a different kind of quality experience in your park, that will strengthen the viscosity with consumers and continue the repurchase, since they have become a loyal fan of your park.

With the development and saturation of the current market, competition in the trampoline park industry has gradually focused, either been better or bigger, or been knocked out.Brands without core competitiveness will only be mediocre, tepid, and even eliminated in fierce competition. Therefore, choosing a good franchise brand is like silent advertising, which can increase consumer trust and loyalty, so the operation of trampoline parks will be like a fish and water, complement each other.

The following will introduce the importance and advantages of franchising a high quality brand like Pokiddo Trampoline Park.As the first Chinese trampoline park  franchise brand owner, we not only blazed a trail for the blooming  trampoline  park industry  in  China, but  we also helped our customers realise successful business. Our brands have been copied but never duplicated.

Pokiddo Trampoline Park

1. The First

The First Trampoline Operators Forum in China (Attached).

The first one to obtain TUV certificate of Olympic professional trampoline.

The First Enterprise to Publish Trampoline Park Safety Standard.

The first one passed the TUV park inspection.

2.The Fast

Pokiddo is the most original trampoline Park manufacturer in China. It was founded in 2016. It took us one year to join more than 30 companies and create a total of 30 million revenue. 

Through German Rhine TUV certification.

3.The Only

The first domestic supplier to provide one-stop solutions from brand alliance, equipment design, 

environmental design, equipment manufacturing, installation and operation training. 

Our self-developed management system is more suitable for Paradise. 

Because we run our own business, we know better how to operate Paradise and provide better service.

Pokiddo Trampoline Park