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China Manufacturer Large Indoor Trampoline Park for The Young

Jump height:7m
For ages:5-50 year old
Occupancy:150 person

      Indoor trampoline park manufacturer

Liben is a leading innovator of indoor trampoline park design and manufacturing from China. We build custom indoor jump arenas for those wanting to start a business in  this high growth sector of family entertainment.

                 Projects in China & Projects Abroad

Liben trampoline project in Australia

Indoor trampoline project in Beijing

Trampoline project in Mexico

Tips for finding a indoo trampoline park location     


It’s imperative that you find a trampoline park location with the right price, 

square footage and ceiling height.

(1).What size building do I need?
Ranges from 100sqm-2000sqm 
(2) .How high should the ceiling be?
18 feet full clearance, that is about 5m.
(3) .How much tramp equipment can I fit into my building?
50%-70% of your total square footage. You want to find a place where the 

cost per square foot is manageable and won’t break the bank. $0.25 to

 $0.50 / sq ft. is reasonable but you may have to pay a bit more depending 

on the location you choose. For example, you’ll pay more for a retail location 

in a strip mall than you would for a warehouse in an industrial location.

Warranty Statement 

Liben  Group Corporation warrants the used indoor trampoline park equipment to be free from 

structural failure due to defect in materials or workmanship during normal use and installation in 

accordance with our published specifications. Liben used trampoline park equipment, if properly used, 

monitored and well-maintained, will provide years of fun experience for our customers. The warranty 

of the indoor trampoline park shall commence on the date the trampoline is received by the customer

and terminate at the end of the period stated.  Liben should not be responsible for the failures resulted

from vandalism, misuse, neglect, accident or unauthorized addition or substitution of parts. 

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