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Jumping Indoor Birthday Party Trampoline Workout Design and Planning

Jump height:4.8m
For ages:3-15 year old
Occupancy:30-40 kids at one time

        A project with Ninja court for trampoline workout

One of Liben customer got a new building for the indoor trampoline workout, he sent us the building of the trampoline workout.

Building for trampoline workout Building for trampoline workout Building for trampoline workout

And the size of the trampoline workout

Building size for trampoline workout 

This trampoline work out  building got a lower ceiling height, which is only 16ft, so our designer suggest to add some games for the kids in the trampoline workout.
So the first trampoline design drawing comes out.

Design for trampoline workout                     

This trampoline workout has two kids Ninja court and a free jumping area and one cageball for the parents.


Design for trampoline workout                   

The kids Ninja court include the balance beam, monkey bar, Heavy Punching Bags and so on in the trampoline workout.

Design for trampoline workout Design for trampoline workout

The customer is happy for this trampoline work out, however, he said that dodgeball is very popular in his country, so he would like us to add a dodgeball area in this trampoline workout.
Our trampoline workout designer made a CAD file for the trampoline workout according to the request.

CAD for trampoline workout 

So the second trampoline workout comes out.This time the trampoline workout design is much better.

Design for trampoline workout 

One Ninja court changed into a foam pit and the dodgeball area is there in the trampoline workout according to the request!
Also the trampoline workout designer add two basketball hoops which also popular among the young kids.
Our trampoline workout designer said the difficult for this trampoline workout design is the 8 columns.We need to avoid it when arrange the trampoline workout design.

Design for trampoline workout 


The trampoline workout customer is quite satisfied with the second trampoline workout.
Do you like our trampoline workout?

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