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Fantastic Multi Indoor Trampoline Games With Slide Design for Kids

Size:14.4*8.5*4.5 & 10m*9m
Jump height:4.5m
For ages:3-12 year old
Occupancy:50 kids play at one time

How to choose Trampoline games for an indoor playcentre?

Recently,Liben finish a successful indoor trampoline games and indoor playcentre in Singapore.These trampoline games for indoor playcenter is design, produced,built all by Liben.The trampoline games customer come to visit us after finish design and choosing the trampoline game and before sign the contract.
Below is the review about this project. It contains many trampoline games.

The trampoline games customer send us the floor plan of the area for the indoor playcenter and trampoline games.


trampoline games floor plan 

  This is the floor plan for the trampoline games

trampoline games ceiling height drawing 

  This is the ceiling height for trampoline games


Trampoline games ceiling height drawing 

This is the ceiling height drawing for the trampoline games and

So our designer doing the trampoline games design drawing as the request.

Trampoline games design with indoor playground 

After talking with the trampoline games customer and our suggestion for the trampoline games.
The second trampoline games design drawing is changed accordingly.

Trampoline games drawing 

     The customer changed the trampoline games.


Revise request for trampoline games 

  This is the new floor plan for the trampoline games.

Revise advise for indoor playground 

The indoor playground and trampoline games also changed with some consideration for the parents.
After the customer come to visit us, the customer said they would like green 
padding of the trampoline games and ocean theme of the indoor playground.
So the final trampoline games drawing is the below.

Final design drawing of trampoline games 

      This is the final trampoline games and playground.

Design drawing of trampoline games 

                    Now let's visit this successful project!

 The kids like the trampoline games very much and they are so happy in the indoor playground and the trampoline games.

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