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Cheap Trampoline For Sale

We are the China's leading cheap trampolines manufacturer.​The materials of the cheap trampoline are processed in liben factory.

Liben factory for producing the cheap trampoline

Metal steel, jumping mat hardware and other components are manufactured in Liben factory. We are the China's leading cheap trampolines manufacturer.The materials of the cheap trampoline are processed in liben factory.

Below picture is the cheap trampoline procedure pictures

Cheap Trampolines manufacturer real picture

This picture is the cheap trampoline procedure pictures of cutting and welding

Cheap Trampolines real picture

Sand blasting and coat with Akzo color powder for cheap trampoline

Cheap Trampolines manufacturer

Liben service for cheap trampoline



Our design team will work with you to develop a 3D model of Adult Trampoline Park to help with visualisation of the facility before manufacture begins. We can also assist with brand identity and colour specification.


Anything from trampoline inclines, foam pits, launch pads, basketball hoops, dodge ball courts, and exercise trampoline systems can be used to ensure Adult Trampoline Park layout.


We hold a huge amount of material in stock allowing us to create a large custom built Adult Trampoline Parkwithin 6 weeks from order placement. We understand the need to meet tight deadlines and our stock levels allow us the flexibility to do so.


Installation is carried out by our experienced fitting team who will provide full hand over of Adult Trampoline Park system.Real pictures in the showroom for cheap trampoline

Real picture Real Photos

Red and Gray paddings for cheap trampoline

indoor trampoline park  

Cheap Trampolines Real trampoline park project pictures.

Cheap Trampoline with Red and Gray padding

Pictures for cheap trampoline

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