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The 230 Square Meter Trampoline Park In Japan

Date:2023-11-28 03:18:56 Visit:192

Jumpin' Dream Trampoline Park is one of our successful indoor park in Japan. The park with equipment dimension of 230 square meters, and we made 7 trampoline attractions in the park.

Free Jump Area:

Free Jump Area is essential area for every park, jumpers can do fitness class,Yoga, backflip, or just do fly jump,it’s very friendly to beginners.

Foampit Area:

Jumping up, flipping in the air, and falling into a sponge pit are cool expressions for trampoline enthusiasts. The soft sponge pool allows you to enjoy aerial stunts while also protecting your safe landing.

Air Bag Area:

Air Bag diving is same interesting as foampit, Both floor materials have their own advantages, foampit landing is softer, and air bag is more hygienic,it’s earlier to clean. The customer is quite careful, because the park opened during the epidemic period, So he added air bag on the surface of the sponge pool to minimize contact and make it cleaner and hygienic.At the same time, it also adds a different gaming experience to the trampoline park.

Parkour Jump Box

A small jump box in middle of long trampoline can bring you a lot of fun.Players can use it to achieve various actions such as flipping, rotating, and overcoming gravity,In addition, you can also use the slope to play trampoline skateboard

Slam Dunk

Utilize the rebound force of the trampoline to jump up and throw the ball into the basket, effortlessly transforming into an aerial dunk master, experiencing the freedom and joy of jumping up and down.

Diagonal Trampoline

The rebound brought by hitting the Diagonal Trampoline surface is a gameplay that many players enjoy. Secondly, players can achieve aerial flipping, skateboarding, slide and more through the Diagonal Trampoline surface.

Climbing Wall

Climbing can increase the softness and coordination of the body, and enhance physical strength. And enough to carry one's own weight and resist gravity. Climbing can reduce excess body fat and transform it into linear muscles. The climbing area in the trampoline allows you to fully enjoy the ultimate pleasure of barehanded climbing, as even if you accidentally fall, you will still fall into a soft and comfortable sponge pool.

Sitting Area

If you want to take a short break after enjoying half a day of trampoline, a small bench is essential,This is also a great place to watch other people's wonderful performances and take photos.

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