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A Thank-You Letter from A Trampoline Park Owner

Date:2015-12-18 12:00:00 Visit:2929

Today, jumping in a trampoline park has become a prevalent form of exercise in many areas and countries. It even becomes a profitable business as it combines sports and entertainment together to make people feel the impulse to go play. Hence, there are many investors are looking for a reliable supplier who is capable of making high quality trampoline as well as providing them with continuous after-sale service to make their business a great success. Now if you are reading this article and happen to look for a supplier that will be worth your trust, then please consider Liben as part of your project. Why? Here’s a real story that you might want to hear.

It was on 12th Sept, a customer from Dubai came to visit our factory to check the quality and also our company as scheduled. His name is Kareem. Kareem is a fine man with many good characters, scrupulous and rigorous in particular. And as I just mentioned above that he was coming from Dubai. So basically he compared every tiny detail of our trampoline to the one in Dubai called “Bounce”, which is a famous brand of trampoline park like “Sky Zone”. Honestly there had been only a few issues in terms of design and safety padding that Kareem was not really happy about. But he was being very nice and patient to tell me what he exactly wanted. And I was taking notes of what he said and giving him some of our professional advice at the same time. Eventually, we’d come to an agreement and closed the deal with mutual trust.

And guess what happened after we sent Kareem the equipment safe and sound? He wrote us a thank-you letter to appreciate our efforts for the past few months, which was really a big surprise and such a great honor for our company. So based on this very fact, I dare to say that Liben is your safest choice when you’re try so hard to find a reliable trampoline park supplier in China.

Attached the thank-you letter from Kareem for you guys to check :)

A Thank-You Letter from A Trampoline Park Owner

A Thank-You Letter from A Trampoline Park Owner

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