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Christmas Gift

Date:2015-12-13 12:00:00 Visit:3089

Theannual Christmas is fast approaching, , have you gave any gifts for yourchildren?

 Today I wanna to recommend a hot-- sellingproduct to you ------- Children Trike

Children Trik


1.The Children Trikemovement by the medical profession as "Puzzle Sport", through musclemovement, the body keep active and relaxed state, prompting the development ofthe cerebellum so that promote brain development, improve intelligence, If kidsoften ride, they will be taller.

2.It can exercisebalance and reflex ability, so the shoulder, spine, legs, feet, wrist receivecomprehensive training, enhance physical flexibility, skill.To help childrenstay away from television, network, enhance health and improve immunity.Promote the body's balance, coordination, and to develop an independentcapability.
3.It does not require a dedicated space,regardless of the road, park,or courtyard. It also can be used at indoor. tostore and easy to carry, easy to place. can strengthen theparent-child relationship, promote family be more harmonious.

Children Trik

Model:LE.SF.021 Size:980*620*720mm Packing Volume(m3):0.10

Designed specifically foryoung child, so let them slide feet first to make the car forward, promote thedevelopment of muscles of the legs and to experience the fun of movement, 

Children Trik

Model:LE.XF.038 Size:1350*550*650mm Packing Volume(m3):0.15

Two Poeple ride at the sametime, will be more fun, help children to learn more communication andcooperation skills.

Children Trik

Model:LE.OT.319 Size:900*440*600mm Packing Volume(m3):.008

For 5-10 year-old,childrencan push the car forward by one leg to slide. bring children a wealth of experience in the operation, increase theability of balance and coordination

Children Trik

Model:LE.XF.039 Size:850*550*600mm Packing Volume(m3):0.10

Designedspecifically for older children, rear seat is for passengers standing to meetthe challenges and the big kids like little irritation, enhance the agility ofmovement. Single ride very comfortable, double ride is more interesting.

Please do not miss theopportunity of  let your children toenjoy it.

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