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Offline Promotion for Indoor Trampoline Park Management

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1.Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising with billboards, posters, etc. are effective way of reaching out to a certain neighborhood. Since the exposure rate of billboards is very high – people often take the same route to work, it is a great medium to create brand recognition.

trampoline park outdoor advertising    Trampoline park Outdoor Advertising

2.Transit Advertising

Advertising on various transports, terminals, subway are known as transit advertising. Both inside and outside of the transports . Like billboards with this type of advertising you can target a specific route or area. This can be a very effective way to get your message to blue-collar workers, if that is your market segment.

Trampoline park Transit Advertising   Trampoline Park Transit Advertising


Newspapers are very popular media forms of advertising. If you are not planning to reach out to the mass, classified sections of local newspapers should be your first choice.

Trampoline Park advertising


Specialized magazines are good for targeting particular interest group. If you sell golf accessories through your site, you should definitely consider advertising in one of the local golf magazines. However, ad spaces in magazines are often quite expensive.

Trampoline park advertisement on magazines

5.Promotional Items

Give away items such as Pens, coffee mugs, key chains, coasters, calendars, sticky notes, etc. should have your company logo and web address. Apart from building brand this also work as a daily reminder for users of these items.

Trampoline park advertisement on Posters


Radio advertising is a good option, if your business is aimed at certain social group like teenagers, housewives, drivers, etc. This is also a relatively inexpensive way of delivering your message to a certain community or locality.Especially I wanna mention the driver, besides the drivers themselves, every passengers will able to listen to the radio in the taxi or their private car. And most time, they are go out for having fun, when they happened to get the news of trampoline park or playground park nearby in the radio, they may directly drive to that place.

Trampoline park advertisement on radio  Trampoline park advertisement on radio


We are not talking about the TV advertisement between the TV shows and TV series, that’s very costly and not suitable for the trampoline and playground business. We are talking about the news channel, they are looking for news materials everyday in this aspect, we can share with you our experience as we have reported as our city TV news when they are reporting the companies that are good in E-commerce Operation. and also reported in 2016 G20 Video News as we selected as the light of alibaba. Trampoline park and playground can be in sports news channel and when some TV shows talking about the sports theme and so on.

Trampoline park advertisement on Television

8.Campus Promotion

University students usually with lots of free time, and they are always looking for part-time jobs since they are young and passionate. We can hire the students in each universities or schools to public the trampoline park and playground park information. Such as asking them to distributing leaflets, be the sponsor of the club activities in the school, and hire them as the agents in the school to sell the tickets. And for trampoline, the owner also could do the performance in school to get publicity. Lots of opportunities in campus.

Trampoline park advertisement on Campus Promotion

9.Socially Useful Activity

Attend the Socially Useful Activities in the name of your trampoline or playground park. For example, send the cloths, shoes or books to poor people, the items could print your logo.And organize employees and customers to clean the garages in the street of city center etc. The purpose is to hype, publicize, and draw media's attention.

Trampoline park advertisement on Socially Useful Activity

10.Movable Trampoline Performance

We are in the process of making that kind of trampoline for our customers, so they could do the performance in trampoline around city to public their trampoline park.

Trampoline park advertisement on Movable Trampoline Performance
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