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The Successful Indoor Trampoline Project In China Shenzhen

Date:2016-02-18 03:30:15 Visit:3466

The first indoor trampoline project is about 350 sqm in Shenzhen.

Indoor trampoline design 

This is the first design drawing.
The area of this building is about 500sqm and it is in a gym, it is not a good location and the shape of the building is complex.So we suggest to add more games in the trampoline to attract teenergers.After many times communication, we changed the design and improved the uilization of the area for trampoline.

indoor trampoline 3D design drawing 

This design drawin include a foam pit, professional trampoline, basketball hoops,free jumping area and slackline.The client are quite satisfied with the design drawing and they planned to open this trampoline park on 1st Jan 2015.Below is the real project picture.

indoor trampoline real pictures 

The client is good at sales and advertise , so the indoor trampoline business is booming and they get back the cost soon. Few month later, the second project in planned and this one is much bigger than the first one.

Trampoline 3D Drawing 

The second one is about 900sqm and this is the 3D design drawing.This one include a Kids Ninja court and a blue mat dodgeball and the trampoline wall runner.And let’s see the real project pictures.

Trampoline project pictures 

So many people went to this big indoor trampoline park.

trampoline business 

So if you want to open an indoor trampoline park, please contact Liben group and we can provide the service like design, produce and installation, etc.

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