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How to choose games for an indoor playcentre?

Date:2016-02-24 03:35:01 Visit:4162

Recently,Liben built a successful indoor playcentre in Singapore.This indoor playcenter was designed, produced,built all by Liben.The customer came to visit us after finishing the design and then signed the contract.Below is the review about this project.

The customer sent us the floor plan of the area for the indoor playcenter and trampoline games.

Floor Plan

Floor plan for the indoor playcenter 

Floor plan for the trampoline games

Ceiling Height Drawing

Ceiling height drawing 

The ceiling height for trampoline games

Ceiling height draft 

This is the ceiling height drawing for the trampoline games and playground

So our designer made the design drawing as the request.

The first design drawing

Design drawing for the indoor playcenter 

After negotiated with the customer and with our suggestion for the trampoline games.
The second design drawing was changed accordingly.

Change the trampoline design 

New floor plan for the indoor playcenter 

          The customer changed the trampoline games

Second design drawing

Indoor playcenter floor plan 

This is the new floor plan for the trampoline games

Indoor playground design  

The indoor playground also changed with some consideration for the parents.When the customer came to visit us, he said they would like green padding of the trampoline games and ocean theme of the indoor playground.So the final drawing is the below picture.

Final design drawing

Design drawing for kids indoor playcenter

This is the final drawing for the indoor playcentre.

Please find the real products in the video showed above.

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