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How About Joining A Trampoline? I Know The Future Development Trend Of The Project!

Date:2020-07-06 09:10:12 Visit:1786

If you want to make money, invest in popular projects! Today, trampoline has become the most popular investment project, and more people's love makes it the most profitable project. Many people want to join, but suffer from not knowing the detailed situation, so this article will give you an analysis of the related matters of joining, and how will the project develop in the future? Hurry up and read!
This article includes the following:
1. The development trend of the future industry
2. Trampoline investment cost analysis

3. Points for attention in project design


1. The development trend of the future industry

Common amusement equipment is divided into adult equipment and children equipment. Trampoline is a sports project suitable for children and adults. It has been several years since the beginning of the project. During this period, its research and development It has been constantly updated, the production methods are constantly improved, and the style and structure of the equipment are constantly innovated. The emergence of more new products will make this industry full of vitality. Due to the low cost of this investment project, the floor space can be determined according to the actual situation, and the management method is quite flexible, so it will have a better development market in the future.

2.trampoline investment cost analysis

Trampoline can not only bring happiness to children, but also need some places to relax in the adult world. And it can satisfy people of different ages. If you want to open a large trampoline hall, the investment cost will be very high. If it is a small stadium, about 500,000 yuan can be operated normally. The low cost allows more people to own it and realize the investment of their wealth. Its costs are mainly divided into: brand franchise fees, venue rental fees, equipment costs, early marketing costs, late operating costs, other project expenses, etc.


3. Points for attention in project design

In the design process of the trampoline, safety must be the first priority. All work is centered on safety. Recreational elements and equipment must be evaluated for safety before they can be put into production and use. The safety of the venue must be done well in advance, and customers should be given safety education and short-term training in the venue to ensure that every customer can spend a beautiful day safely and happily. The main function of the trampoline is to play. According to the characteristics of children, they choose the things they want to play the most. Who do they need to play with, in what way? Taking these issues into consideration, children can experience an infinite sense of security and happiness in the process of playing.