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How About Trampoline Investment? The Four Major Expenditures Must Be Allocated Reasonably!

Date:2020-07-21 10:36:46 Visit:1793

Every project needs some thought to run well. Only those who understand the business will make more money. Now the children's amusement industry is developing very well, and more people want to join this A share of the industry. But this industry has so many projects, how to choose and how to operate? Let's talk about the more popular trampoline investment! If you want to recover costs quickly, you must understand the initial expenditure!
This article includes the following:
1. What are the trampoline investment projects?
2. Rent issues
3. Decoration issues

4. Problems with purchasing equipment

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1. What are the trampoline investment projects?

Trampoline investment is the same as other projects, in the process of operation, every step of the investment must be carefully. Trampoline investment projects will result in different investment amounts due to different decorations, different equipment, and different venues. The amount of investment in children's parks of different types and sizes is different, but the expenditure items are similar, generally including venue rental costs, decoration costs, equipment purchase costs, personnel salary costs, other miscellaneous expenses, and so on.

2. Rent issues

If you want to invest in trampolines, you must first solve the problem of the venue. Where to operate is very important. It directly affects the future income problem, so the early market research is very important. Among the many cities, how should everyone choose? Among cities of the same level, you should choose which city has a higher level of consumption power, so as to ensure that more people come to consume. The prosperous area in the city is everyone's choice, but the rent is also quite expensive, so doing what you can is the key.

3.decoration issues

Trampoline investment has to set a different theme style at the beginning, and it is more conducive to market development if it has obvious uniqueness with other peers. Therefore, the decoration cannot be so-so, it must be planned in advance, and the decoration style should be in line with the future The business themes of the company are matched, so that there will be a complementary effect.

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4.the problem of purchasing equipment

If you want to make a good investment in trampoline, the purchase of equipment is an important thing, and the purchase cost of equipment is generally 60% of the total investment. Different types and functions of equipment have different prices. Some equipment is priced based on a single product, and some equipment is priced based on square meters. You can choose to buy equipment according to your actual situation!